Woodlawn Nature Center blanketed with fresh fall leaves.

One of Elkhart’s lesser known treasures.

                                                            –Marti Bumpus

One great place to take your children to discover many fantastic things.

–Tracy Bailey

Great place to grow and explore. We will be doing many new projects in the coming months. Come and join us.

–Beth Cauffman

A Haven Within The City Featuring:

Nature trails with Native Flora and Fauna; Picnic Area/Wildflower Meadow; Natural History Museum; Natural History Library; Wildlife Viewing Area; Programs, Workshops, Events; Community Center; Natural PlayScape; Loose Parts Play Area


Members enjoying a family hike at Woodlawn Nature Center.

Come See What We Have to Offer

As a not-for-profit organization, Woodlawn Nature Center continues to count on community support including grants, donations, and memberships. As a volunteer operated organization, Woodlawn Nature Center encourages community participation in activities at the center. We need your help to continue our mission to provide educational opportunities for everyone interested in nature and to maintain a woodland park as a sanctuary for flora and fauna native to this area.

Please send your name(s), address, phone number, and email, along with the applicable contribution to the following address:

Woodlawn Nature Center

604 Woodlawn Ave.

Elkhart, Indiana 46514

or pay online with the link below, including name(s), address, phone number, and email in the note section:
Donate Button with Credit Cards

Woodlawn Nature Center Membership includes free admission to the nature center, discounts on programs, and our informational newsletter. Your contribution is tax deductible.

Members host a campfire after a service project.

Members host a campfire after a service project.

Members also have the privilege of overnight camping at Woodlawn Nature Center for a nominal fee. There are additional discounts on renting the building and private campfires for members. Members can also host public campfires free of charge. Members might also consider volunteering at the center and helping with community programming.

Join today!

Membership Information (please indicate membership level)

___›Senior/Student – $15

___›Individual – $20

___›Family – $35

___ PREFERRED $60.00 (includes reciprocity to nature centers around the United States!)

›___Contributing – $100

›___Lifetime – $500


____Additional Donation: $________

Benefits of Membership:

  • ›Free General Admission to the Center
  • Discount for special events & programs
  • Use of facilities privileges (Discounts at Preferred Membership Level)
  • Camping and campfire privileges
  • Newsletter (Hard copy at Preferred Membership Level)
  • ›ANCA reciprocity for preferred levels
  • ›Volunteer opportunities

Responsibilities of Being a Woodlawn Member:

  • ›Provide suggestions and feedback for center’s operation and programming
  • Promote Woodlawn’s mission in the community
  • Vote in annual elections
  • Attend annual meeting
  • Participate as desired in the center’s events, programs, committees and management