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Volunteers Make Programming at Woodlawn Possible

The Woodlawn Board of Directors would like to thank the many volunteers that have worked over the past year to make programming at Woodlawn possible. All volunteers are welcome and the Center could not operate without the valuable and dedicated volunteers. The board members are responsible for the management of the Center while volunteers are critical for operations and program delivery. To facilitate these activities, the Board has developed committees that are charged with helping complete the mission. Each of these committees will have a board member to serve as the chair but needs members to serve on those committees to get the work done! Committees include:

  • Finance – financial accountability
  • Governance – board management
  • Facilities – operating and upkeep of the building and grounds
  • Development – fund raising and mission funding
  • Volunteers – coordinating and supporting volunteers
  • Membership – outreach to members and growing memberships
  • Education – develop and provide quality educational opportunities at the Center and in the community
  • Communication – outreach to the general public

Please consider what committee(s) you might be interested in serving on as a way to increase and improve your experience as a Woodlawn Nature Center member. Not up for a committee yet? We can use help with special projects and events. Email for details!