Woodlawn Nature Center is a small museum of natural history with 10 acres of woods located in the heart of Elkhart, Indiana. The park is a sanctuary for native flora and fauna. Both the park and museum offer educational opportunities, hiking trails, and outdoor picnic areas.
An educator, Dr. Carla Gull, leads a preschool group on a color walk.

One of our educators, Dr. Carla Gull, leads a preschool group on a color walk.

Inside the Woodlawn Nature Center, find a dinosaur digging cave, a wildlife viewing window, fish native to our area, a recreated wigwam with Native artifacts, a tribute to Indiana’s natural history, insect collection, loose parts play area,musical instruments from around the world, mammals, birds, and much more!
Outside Woodlawn Nature Center find a developing natural playscape with nature art, messy materials, digging, water, open play, climbing, and other areas for children to connect with nature. There are also almost 10 acres of woods, with trails winding throughout.

Children on a field trip investigate the pond and waterfall area.

The mission of Woodlawn Nature Center is to intimately connect as many people as possible to nature, natural history, and our future on this planet.