Pop Up Adventure Nature Play Day

IMG_3674Pop Up Adventure Nature Play Day

Woodlawn Nature Center

June 13

10 am – 1 pm

Woodlawn Nature Center is hosting a Pop Up Adventure Nature Play Day on June 13 from 10 am to 1 pm in the Nature Explore certified outdoor classroom behind the Nature Center at 604 Woodlawn Avenue, Elkhart. In addition to the normal outdoor classroom activities, such as outdoor weaving, making music in nature, log climbing, den and fort building building, dirt digging, block building, messy materials, and nature art, children and families are invited to create with found and natural items during the Pop Up Play. There is no attendance fee though recycled or natural materials, such as boxes, lids, fabrics, glue and tape, paper bags, plastic bottles, pinecones, long sticks, etc. are requested as donations to the event and will help give more options for creative minds. The Nature Center will also be open for an additional fee of $3/child.

IMG_3427Nancy Brown from Elkhart County Soil and Water Conservation District, one of the event sponsors, mentioned, “It will be fun to go back to the times when the world was all about a child’s sense of adventure!” The Pop Up Adventure Nature Play Day will do just that—allow for active children’s play, creativity, building, and imagination. In an era when technology is consuming more of children’s time, providing safe, fun children’s activities that promote creativity and imagination is needed, as Woodlawn Nature Center regularly hosts Nature Play Days throughout the month on various topics. Later in the month, International Mud Day will be celebrated on June 29 as another Nature Play Day.

Industries that have waste that could be repurposed for creative purposes, such as electrical spindles, cardboard pieces and cones, string, straw bales, rope,  duct tape, packing tape, and other safe materials are also encouraged to contact Carla Gull at 966-0250 or woodlawnnaturecenteronline@gmail.com for donation purposes.

Visit the Calendar of Events for upcoming programs or follow Woodlawn Nature Center on Facebook.

Woodlawn Nature Center’s woods, outdoor classroom, and natural history museum are located within the Elkhart City limits on Woodlawn Avenue, two blocks East of Cassopolis Street. Woodlawn Nature Center celebrated 50 years in Elkhart in 2015.


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