Family Nature Club!

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Woodlawn Nature Center launches a family nature club, starting Saturday, January 24, at 3:30 pm. Families will meet at the Center to explore nature together.  The Club seeks founding members to help plan, organize, implement, and to enjoy the club. All monthly meetings will include time in the Nature Center, in the natural play area, and on the trails.

The goal of the Family Nature Club is to inspire children and families to connect with the natural world. Nature is good for us! Benefits of spending time in nature include improved math and science skills, strengthened powers of observation and imagination, improved focus and concentration, and an increased sense of wonder. The Family Nature Club allows families to connect with each other, meet other families, and receive the benefits of spending time in nature. Cheryl Charles, President of Children and Nature Network, advises, “You don’t have to wait for a prescription from your doctor. You can start with your family today to go outside to explore the wealth natural adventures right in your own backyard, neighborhood and community.”


The Woodlawn Family Nature Club fits with Woodlawn Nature Center’s mission to “to intimately connect as many people as possible to nature, natural history, and our future on this planet.” Nature Club Families should be ready to explore the outdoors in winter weather as part of the nature club. Please register your family by calling 966-0250 or emailing

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Woodlawn Nature Center’s woods and natural history museum are located within the Elkhart City limits on Woodlawn Avenue, two blocks East of Cassopolis Street.  The Center is open Thursday and Friday from 1PM to 5 PM, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5pm, or by special appointment. Woodlawn Nature Center celebrates 50 years in Elkhart in 2015.