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Woodlawn Learning Community


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Woodlawn Learning Community is a self-directed educational environment where kids are encouraged to follow personal learning focuses. Resources are available to discover, experience, and learn. Kids are also encouraged to seek out resources for personal reference and to share with other participants.


Program participants decide the learning experiences they want to pursue and how they want to pursue them.They also make decisions regarding various aspects of their learning environment and interactions. WLC students self-govern democratically including policy development, implementation, and enforcement.


WLC staff serve to guide and, when needed, coordinate to provide a culture of open communication, acceptance of diverse perspectives, and respect.  


It is an environment that fosters development of critical thinking, logical problem solving, self-motivation, and leadership skills. 


The WLC program is designed for kids who are home-schooled, unschooled, and enrolled in a public or private school. Current program hours can be found on the Woodlawn Nature Center Events Page at