Woodlawn Nature Center
Volunteers Are Awesome


You Can Be Too!


Woodlawn Nature Center is a totally volunteer-run operation

Without volunteers there would be no Woodlawn Nature Center


We offer opportunities to volunuter in a variety of areas and for folks with a variety of abilities and interest. Needs include but are not limited to the following


Staffing/Clerical duties

Facility Maintenance

Grounds & Trail Maintenance

Program Coordination/Assistance

Exhibit Curator/Assistant

Fundraising Coordination/Assistance

(a more comprehensive list in included on our Volunteer Application Form)


As a volunteer you will find opportunity to utilize skills and knowledge you have obtained through employment and pursuit of other interests


Volunteers can also make opportunity to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities engaging in Woodlawn's needs


Volunteering can be a standing (long term) or AdHoc (single project) committment


If you are seeking to fulfill a service requirement, have an interest in engagement that connects with the natural world, or just wanting to get of the sofa and put down the remote for awhile, use the button below for more info and to apply.